In today's market, it's easy to find a steak that is good enough. But it takes a lot of work to find a steak that is good enough, and to find a steak that is as good as it gets. You might not have known it, but a good steak is not just a steak. It is a complicated process of cutting, trimming, aging, and searing. A great steak is something that is worth the effort that goes into it. At the very least, it is that much better than a standard taste-the-meat experience.

When you're looking for a steak, you're looking for that perfect bite of tender, juicy, and flavorful meat. Steaks are one of the most revered parts of the cow, which is why they're such a popular item on a menu. The best steak is one that is slow-cooked, hand-cut, and USDA Prime. 

We specialize in hand-cut, Mid-West raised, USDA Prime beef. Our beef is cut, trimmed, and aged using centuries-old techniques, then vacuum-seal each individually, locking in flavor and freshness.

We are proud to offer you the best beef you'll find anywhere in the Midwest. Our steaks are hand-cut, Mid-West raised, USDA Prime, and have a unique, distinctive taste that's hard to match. That's why our goal is to provide you with a dining experience unlike any other, and as our customers know, we've been doing it for more than 40 years!



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