PolarBear X DeFi Robotics Token (PBX) is used as a Utility token to buy Credit to copy trade Automated Trading Robots in Social ROBO Investing Network by AutocopyX Technology of Automated Trading ROBOTs for FX and Futures market

PBX token is used for DeFi Products for Staking like Stock Dividend payment as an Investment token. PolarBear100x is great for it's Automating Fund Management Protocol. PolarBear X DeFi Robotics Token (PBX) is Automating Fund Management Protocol, a Fully Automated Investment decision-making system with no human intervention based on Blockchain technology to DeFi. PBX provides a 2% redistribution fee to holders, so every time a transaction occurs, existing holders earn more PBX automatically and without the need for staking.

Competitor analysis - Our approach different from our competitors:
- Unique profit-sharing Smart contract on BNB Blockchain
- Totally blockchain-based with PBX token at the core of our ecosystem
- Combine Financial markets (Stock, FX, Futures) with CEX & DEX Trading
- Strategy In-house which adapts dynamically to the market with consistent performance
- Highly selective Marketplace emphasizing quality over quality with FIFO Strategy

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