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Choose your artwork and you will be taken to the next choice where you will be able to choose from cups, bags & PILLOWCASES to framed ART and T-shirts. 50% of our profits goes to help our local cat communities.
The vision of a Cats and Dogs Trust is a world where every cat and dog is treated with an understanding of its needs Feeding and sheltering is a big part of what we do today. This Cats n' Dogs Trust acknowledges that cats and dogs like human needs shelters for comfortable life.

Canonical Art Of the Russian Orthodox Church Find and order online unique art gifts and quality decoration for your house with original canonical art by well-recognized and presented Russian Orthodox Church artist Mariya Mironenko.

Maria's icons are calling to pray - and this is the main criterion of icon's existence, which should not so much represent the plot or author's uniqueness in art, and not so much even the feeling of facing the Other World, but mostly the measure of discovery and communion of the Other World…"Those who put away Old Testament man, will wrap as new"… from this statement comes a significant part of author's  missionary meaning, as a co-worker of his Creator.  It's remarkable that the author's age is slightly above thirty, and she has such perception and perusal of celestial's world, for  example archangels, pre-epochal and powerful creatures, who have been witnesses of The Creation of the World and even older than time itself - is representative and important aspect, not only for iconographical works, but as well for church-historical paintings of the author. This sense of reality and presence of depicted is not only the consequence of certain mastery and skills, but it exactly shows the originality of perception, clarity and spiritually demanding style, which can become rare mystical gift of commonwealth!
You can also ORDER CATALOG OF CANONICAL ART OF CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH This catalog combines painting, icon painting and sculptural compositions will certainly not leave indifferent everyone who has resorted to the pages of Maria's work.


Cherado Art Empire offers to purchase art online since 2006. You can browse, find and order online unique art gifts and quality decoration for your house, office or events. Browse the largest online modern art gallery for art posters printed on canvas. Wholesale of art and prints. Worldwide delivery.

Cherado Art Empire Gallery was founded back in 2006 by setting up a small exhibition hall for young and talented artists at the old town of the capital city of Latvia - Riga. The purpose of the business was to fill the lacking space for purchase contemporary art online.

They started by inviting artists and photographers from Baltic States and Russia to join our gallery. They brought to us their paintings during exhibitions we displayed for each artists for over a week, made a pictures of their art and started offering online sales by uploading these pictures on our website.

In the first year of gallery the number of artworks collected in one place exceeded 8000 from over 700 artists so becoming the largest Latvian art gallery mostly offering originals of classical oil paintings as well as abstract paintings made using the oil technique. In the art gallery you could find more than 100 different art styles.

During the time period and demand we decided to work only with prints. Today we are offering over twenty thousand artworks to be purchased as re-prints on canvas made by our own anonymous team of artists creating abstract and modern art exclusively for Cherado Art Empire designed more for the aesthetic correlation of the premises and living space through the design elements.