November was closed on a positive note by British musician zHustlers, who released album called "The Best Milky & Juicy Reggae" on November 15, 2020 together with an artist from Indonesia making song "King in Da Castle". The musician Savirapp also takes part in the song. Her latest composition is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms. 

zHustlers first presented his work to the audience on November 4 last year, when he released his first song with Gianna Juliet entitled "Gifts". The album consisted of 15 original compositions and it was a success. In a short time, the young musicians gained a fairly wide and loyal base of followers. All you have to do is wait for new songs - they will definitely be even better this year! 

His discography includes two more collaborations with female artists, in addition to the album and the song "I am s Servant, not a slave" released with Fatima Ezzahra. In early November, they released album called "My Happiness," and in earlier in August, "The Moon and The Stars." The end of last year and the beginning of this year has been really resilient for him and it is only gratifying, because active song release is the key to success! This is probably what helps them grow so fast in terms of both skills and followers. 

zHustlers is a similar stage name to the world-famous melodic rapper Hustlers. It only takes a little time and we will definitely see this musician on the same stages as once Hustlers was invited. The young reggae artist has talent and only needs to be able to use it to reach the top of fame and the top of the music charts. 

We offer to listen to zHustlers song called "King in da Castle". We also invite you to follow the musician's social network profiles. This way you will be able to support the new talent, as well as you will be able to find out more easily and faster about his news and upcoming releases. Instead of a reference, we have added a link that will take you to the rapper's Instagram profile. Don't pull in length - go safely and follow the artist! It will mean a lot to them...